Snicklefritz and the Gnomes will be back at the Knit-One-One studio on Saturday September 26th from 10am to 4pm for the monthly sale!

I will be rolling out a lot of new products:

Merino/Cashmere/Nylon roving: spins like a dream. I don’t know whether to knit with this hand-spun or just squish it!

Merino/Silk roving: available both in acid dyed as well as naturally dyed

click here for more info and directions

Natural dyed yarn & organics: done with natural dyes, including some incredible stuff with indigo and cochineal! Get those purples and greens before they fly off the table! Base yarns are really yummy and include merino and silk blends.

Washed fleece and locks from the following breeds: Blue-faced Leicester (gray/black), Wensleydale (black), Cotswold, Cormo, Manx Loghtan, Kerry Hill, and a few other surprises! Some of these are available in natural colors and some have been dyed. I also have a full fleece from a Castlemilk Moorit – tiny little guy, but it’s a lovely fleece and makes a wonderfully creamy yarn.